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A guest house for individual retreats, group retreats and holidays

We, Michael, Ivonne and Britta, saw Valcovo House as our small, growing paradise during the renovation and expansion period (2022 to 2024). We created a protected space of almost 1000 m² with many possible uses and lived here together, always with guests and helpers. We are now releasing this little paradise and handing it over to its intended use.

The house has many of the utensils needed for workshops, retreats and seminars. There are plenty of cushions, mats, blankets, chairs etc. available. Everything else necessary is organized as a service by the house after consultation if possible.

It is our special wish to see the house as a kind of birthplace for ideas and visions. We can support most projects in a variety of ways and are happy to contribute to their success without direct compensation.

If you just want to go on vacation or have a good time with friends here, without any event or special contact with us, you can do the same. Either way, we are happy to receive inquiries of any kind.