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A vision of the future with concrete possibilities for realisation and participation.
Description of a new settlement abroad (a glimpse into the future):

In a wide, sunny valley with the infrastructure of 2 small towns and many villages, 200 people have come together. They do not live house to house in a shared village. Rather, these people live together in small, well-organised families, groups and communities in one of many (around 25) different locations spread across the valley. The valley is around 40 km long and 15 km wide and can be travelled through in 45 minutes by car.

Igralishte, Struma Valley, Pirin Rocks, Sky

The local decentralised structure is not a classic village structure and the problems of large, intensive and close-knit communities in the conventional sense are not relevant. These 200 people are united by a common consciousness and the common intention and motivation to create completely new structures and forms (society, community, family, relationships, trade, economy, education, finance, health, etc.) that do not correspond to any previously known and described type.

At this point, we are students and teachers at the same time and together. It is about thinking, feeling and acting in a new way and making the “impossible” possible through the power of human creativity.

In this way, small community-like groups of 3 to 10 people, who ideally work and live together and organise themselves, are created in neighbouring locations. They create added value, which they pass on to the village of Struma Valley, and receive added value from the other value creators, which they pass on to the village. This is how we try to cover the basic needs for certain goods. To this end, we run two permaculture gardens, which provide everyone with vegetables, fruit, berries, fruit, nuts, etc., and have fields with regenerative agriculture and agroforestry. Various services are offered in several shared workshops. Food, bakery, firewood, timber construction, metal construction, repairs, cars, electrics, etc. and in animal farms, chickens, cows and goats are kept in harmony with the local farm. We try to close internal cycles so that the flour for the bakery comes from the village farm and what comes from the land can be returned to the land using compost, terra preta and other methods. All kinds of products can be created in other organisations and small businesses. Workshops, groups and circles, such as yoga, meditation or breathwork, are an important factor, as they can build and nourish village consciousness.

In the background, we make use of the digital world and use software to plan and organise distribution and demand – simply and without a lot of frills.

Who are we looking for?

I am looking for fellow campaigners and co-pioneers to build such a decentralised settlement structure. The call is addressed to people who are free and independent and who want to and can participate in this project. People with an awakened consciousness, awakened spirituality and a healed psychosystem (awareness of the issues / traumas and willingness to look at oneself, ego, pain body, etc.).
The common vision of wanting to create a new village for the new earth unites these people and they all have their own intrinsic motivation, which is orientated towards a common greater goal. They are aware that it requires a certain amount of intention and continuous effort to keep the focus on this over a longer period of time, which is why it is good if a corresponding orientation and awareness of the overarching goal is also present and cultivated in the locations. It is aimed at people with a predominant focus on the meaning of life and the desire to do something concrete and all-encompassing for a new earth and a new community and social life and to live with more connection to themselves, others and nature. As a pioneer, you feel called to be the change you want to see on the earth itself.

In addition to an inner reputation and interest, it is also about being prepared to set up a location and invest real money. (Order of magnitude: between 20,000 and 120,000 EUR) It is then also about filling this location with life and bringing more people on board.

As a first step, there should be around 25 people who create the basis in 5 different locations and farms for the basic supply of food and permaculture, soil cultivation for fields and food, reforestation and wood processing, chickens and other animal husbandry.

Why Bulgaria and how to get started.

I have been living in Bulgaria for 3 years now. The circumstances and the opportunities I have found here have been instrumental in making this vision of a new decentralised neighbourhood village a reality. There are interesting properties and land for sale here. The purchase price is still considerably lower than in more westernised countries and changes to simply implement ideas and projects are still possible and permitted here without a lot of bureaucracy. This results in great opportunities and great freedom in design. Fewer requirements, fewer specifications, less control, fewer regulations. And generally more favourable and less complicated in all areas. Anyone who can learn to love the region and Bulgaria will have a great and easy life here.

I myself bring the Valcovo House and the Wide Sight Resort as such locations. More about the Wide Sight Resort. I, and the people who come here, feel a certain kind of freedom and vastness, originality and naturalness. In my opinion, these are ideal conditions for creating a “New Earth Village”.

I have friendly and trusted connections in order to properly organise the purchase of properties and land with notaries, tax advisors and, if necessary, architects. My task is also to bring the people who want to come to their place and to “introduce” them to Bulgaria and the Struma Valley so that the new life can start.

From 1 to 3 May 2024, I will be offering accommodation and information days at Valcovo House for interested pioneers so that they can connect their own vision with the country and visit the region. The properties listed in the flyer can also be visited on these days.