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We support you in bringing your workshop to life and running it.

The house is primarily intended to be used for small groups (4-10 people) and to give practitioners, workshop and seminar leaders the opportunity to organise their courses. Due to the limited size and the personal and conscious style of us, we see Valcovo House as a birthplace for people who want to offer their own new courses, groups, retreats, workshops, seminars, etc. We have no cancellation fees, are ultra-flexible and, if desired, we are actively involved in bringing the idea / offer to life and can actively accompany this process based on our own experience.

Breathwork Session, February 2024

People who already live in Bulgaria can take a look at this region in the south-west of the country. You can feel the special vibrancy of the area for yourself and it is definitely worth a trip and the house invites you to offer something for a group and come here with them. The offer then appears here on the event list.

People from German-speaking countries are also invited. The fact that we are here in (unknown) Bulgaria can be a great catalyst for an offer. Participants who decide to come here will automatically experience their own hero’s journey in addition to the programme. It is guaranteed to be a different experience than in the seminar room round the corner.

As a next step, if you would like to organise something in the house, simply contact us by email. We have individual accommodation rates for participants and favourable usage costs for the house.